Joint survey on floods in Kerala and financial inclusion

Photo from ACEFINMOD of Researcher giving data collection training to Kudumbashree members at Anayodu ward in Koodaranji Gramapanchayat, Kozhikode on 09th April 2019.

Thanks to the invitation that Sheri Markose (Co-I) and Thankom Arun (PI) received from Prof. Rudra Sensarma and his Group at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) to present our findings on Financial Inclusion in September 2018, we were able to forge a project with them on a field survey of the response of low income households to extreme weather events in that region.

A project write-up is available from the ACEFINMOD website.

In collaboration with IIMK researchers Rudra Sensarma, Anil Thomas and Remya Tressa Jacob, we developed an extensive questionnaire to see what impact the recurrent flooding has had on the residents of some parts of Kerala. In particular, we are keen to see if any of the PMJDY Insurance products and other governmental measures were able to ameliorate the negative impact of the floods or if the latter have made poor households more open to taking up insurance schemes. What barriers stand in the way of flood hit households from availing these products. For this, primary data was collected from some 700 residents of Wyannad in Kerala. Remya Tressa Jacob, IIMK, organized and oversaw the data collection .

In December 2019, Sheri Markose visited IIMK to give a presentation on new results on our project and to discuss the results from the survey.

Thankom Arun
Principal Investigator

Professor Thankom Arun is a Professor of Global Development and Accountability at the University of Essex. He is also a Professor Extraordinaire at the Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa and chair of an academic steering group on Financial Inclusion in the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF). Over the years, his research agenda has developed a theoretical and policy oriented approach for the interrelationship between finance and development in an interdisciplinary framework.