What You Do Know Is Good for You - Information Networks Among Female-Headed Households in India

Image credit: Unsplash


We examined the impact of information networks, namely media and social networks on the financial decisions of female-headed households in India. The study analyses the relationship between information channels and household decisions using Bourdieu’s relational approach. We find that participation in information networks is significant in improving the financial behaviour, knowledge and skills of female-urban households compared to female-rural households. The main lesson to be learned is that the programmes aimed at improving financial awareness and decision-making must use mass media and social networks for reaching out to female-headed households.

Udichibarna Bose

Dr. Udichibarna Bose is a lecturer in finance at the University of Essex. She finished PhD in Economics from the University of Glasgow in 2016. Her research interests concern corporate finance, international finance and emerging markets finance with a special emphasis on country and firm-level studies.